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Our stock is changing daily so please give us a call if you can't see what you are looking for. Full specifications and photographs available on request.

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Ajax Centre Lathe 60" Between Centres, 20" swing over bed, 2.5" Spindle bore, 3 Jaw chuck, 4 Way toolpost, Rapid traverse and Digital readout. £3500.00
Colchester Triumph 2500 VS Short Bed Centre Lathe with Digital Readout. T.B.A.
D1-11 Face Plate 39" Diameter  £450.00
Colchester Mascot 1600 D1-8 Camlock Drive Plate.    £50.00
Colchester Triumph 2000 21" Diameter Face Plate for Gap Bed Lathe on D1-6 Camlock  £200.00
Colchester Student 1800 or Master 2500 18" Diameter Face Plate for Gap Bed Lathe on D1-4 Camlock  £175.00
Colchester Bantam 2000 18" Diameter Face Plate for Gap Bed Lathe on D1-3 Camlock (no camlock pins)  £130.00
Colchester Mascot Round Head Centre Lathe 16" Diameter Face Plate on L2 Taper 7.5" Dia Thread.  £175.00
Colchester Triumph Round Head Gap Bed Lathe 21" Diameter Face Plate on L1 Taper 6" Dia Thread.  £175.00
Colchester Student or Master Round Head Gap Bed Lathe 18" Diameter Face Plate on L0 Taper 4.5" Dia Thread.  £130.00
Colchester Student or Master Round Head Lathe 12.5" Diameter face Plate on L0 Taper 4.5" Dia Thread.   £80.00
Leadscrew Imperial for Harrison M400 x 60" Betwen Centers Lathe in Very Good Condition  £250.00

Vertical Machining Centres, Milling Machines and Drills

SALE FROM SITE - Hurco VMX60/40T Vertical Machining Centre, 24 Station Tool Change, BT40 Spindle. Year 2007.  Max Speed 10,000 RPM.  Touch Screen Multimax Control.  Travels X 1524mm Y 660mm Z 610mm. Harbor Water Cooler , Manuals. Can be viewed under power. Please contact us for photos or to arrange viewing can be seen running/demo on site in Cambridgeshire.

Ajax CNC Turret Mill with Anilam 1100 3 Axis CNC Control. £5950.00
Bridgeport BR2J2 Variable Speed Turret Mill with 2 Axis Digital Readout. £3950.00
KRV 3000 Turret Milling Machine, 40 International Spindle, 48" x 12" Table, Digital Readout. Being serviced £3950.00
Europa 3000VS Turret Milling Machine, Variable Speed, R8 Taper Spindle, Power Feed to Table, Newall Digital readout £3750.00
Ajax  8" Horizontal Milling Machine with Lever Hand Operated Table, 240 volt Single Phase.  £250.00
Ajax No.1 Horizontal Milling Machine. £1950.00
Selection of 40 & 50 International Tooling P.O.A.
Selection of Milling machine Vices P.O.A.
Pollard Pillar Drill with 3 Morse Taper Spindle, Hand Feed & Rise & Fall Table. £1950.00
Meddings Pacera Pillar Drill 1/2" Capacity Drill Chuck £250.00
Fobco 5/8" Capacity 2 Morse Taper Bench Drill, 1/2HP 3 Phase with Drill Chuck & Guard. £250.00

Sheetmetal Machines

Sorry No Sheetmetal at the moment


Grinding Machines

Victoria Milford 250mm  Twin Wheel Heavy Duty Pedestal Toolroom Grinder. £300.00
Kobe 6" Twin Wheel Grinder on Stand, 240V Single Phase in Very Nice Condition. £75.00
Jones & Shipman Universal 3 Point Grinder Steady NEW.  Suit J&S 1302 or J&S 1307 Grinders £400.00

Presses, Saws & Miscellaneous Machines & Equipment

Denbigh No.6 Fly Press with Handle & Ball on Denbigh Stand. VGC. £650.00
Axminster AWEFSBB Vertical Bandsaw 240V Single Phase. £350.00
Elu Vertical Saw with Tilting Table £250.00
Elecktra Bekum Pulldown Aliminium Saw  £200.00
Jade Unimatic WRR Weld Relief Routing Machine for uPVC Air Operated Unused £300.00
Boxford Small Shaper 3 phase.  T.B.A.
Oxford 140 Amp Welder Choice of 2 price each £150.00
Jones & Shipman Bench Centres £100.00
Jones & Shipman Bench Centres Type 2200-221 £200.00
Jones & Shipman Bench Centres Longer Set £250.00
Jones & Shipman Bench Centres On Stand £450.00
New Heidenhain LS603C Linear Encoder Scale ML 620mm Digital Readout Scale for Lathe or Mill.  Old stock boxes have been open. Untested. £200.00
Victoria Extractor. £150.00
Large Abwood Vice 12" Long vice Jaws, Overall Length 28" VGC. £350.00
Abwood Swivel Base Vice with 4" Wide Jaws. £120.00
Selection of Milling Vices P.O.A.
Box 36" x 15" x 15" £150.00
Box 20" x 15" x 12" £100.00
Selection of Angle Plates P.O.A.
 Photographs available by request  

New Colchester & Harrison Lathe Spares - Other Spares Available - Please Call

Mascot or Mastiff saddle casting part no. 41566-4 for gap bed lathe £1000.00
Mascot or Mastiff feed shaft part no. 42869-1 for 40" lathe £200.00
Mascot or Mastiff leadscrew metric part no. 42815-2 for 1 Metre (40") lathe £450.00
Mastiff 1400 sintered outer clutch plate, price each. £73.00
Mastiff 1400 Headstock Shaft E, Part No. 48253-0 £475.00
Mascot or Mastiff Topslide Imperial Screw & Nut Part Nos. 41759-2 and 41684-1 £300.00
Mascot or Mastiff Imperial Screw for Topslide Part No. 41759-2 £200.00
Triumph 2000 Topslide Nut Imperial Part No. 55285-0 £75.00
Triumph 2000 outer clutch plate part no. 51447-0 £72.00
Triumph 2000 Headstock Shaft G Part no. 50918-0 £360.00
Triumph 2000 Oilers for Tailstock or Compound 1/4" Diameter. Price each £5.00
Triumph VS2500, Master VS3250 & Alpha 400 Early Version Spline Type NOT Key Type, Part no. 410140-0 Drawing No. D699-0784 Drive, Imput Pully Shaft C £345.00
Triumph VS2500 Headstock Shaft Part No. 410158-0, Drawing No. D699-0783 Shaft B £225.00
Triumph VS2500 Bed Wiper Set, Saddle and Tailstock. P.O.A.
Student 1800 & Master 2500 Shaft E Headstock Gear Part No. 75744-0 & 71244-0 £256.00
Student 1800 & Master 2500 Saddle Keep for Dual Dial Type Part No. 87295-0 £200.00
Harrison M550 Tail Stock Screw 7& Nut Metric £500.00
Harrison M390 Bed Wiper Set, Saddle and Tailstock. £120.00

Used Colchester and Harrison Lathe Spares - More Used Spares Available - Please Call

Student 1800 of Master 2500 Imperial Topslide Screw & Nut, Good Condition.                            £170.00
Triumph 2000 Saddle Casting £250.00
Triumph 2000 saddle feedbox casting only £200.00
Triumph 2000 Main Bed Casting for 30" Between Centres Straight Bed Lathe. £150.00
Mascot 1600 Drive Plate D1-8 Camlock £50.00
Harrison M400 Headstock Centre Bush & Centre £60.00
Harrison M400 60" Leadscrew Imperial/English in Very Good Condition. £250.00
Harrison M300 feed/drive shaft keyed part no. 306.005 for 1000mm bed lathe £100.00
Harrison M300 gearbox threads & feeds complete for under headstock vgc £750.00

Other new & used spares for Colchester Lathes available please call 01733 233199

Pumps & Motors

New Vogel lube pump typ 3 dm7 20 bar £150.00
Our Stock is Always Changing Please Contact Us We May Have What You Are Looking For