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Our stock is changing daily so please give us a call if you can't see what you are looking for. Full specifications and photographs available on request.

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Ajax Centre Lathe 60" Between Centres, 20" swing over bed, 2.5" Spindle bore, 3 Jaw chuck, 4 Way toolpost, Rapid traverse and Digital readout. £3500.00
Colchester Triumph 2500 VS Short Bed Centre Lathe with Digital Readout. T.B.A.
Harrison M300 x 25" Between Centres Lathe with Digital readout, 3 & 4 jaw Chucks, Quick Change toolpost.  Serviced. £3500.00
D1-11 Face Plate 39" Diameter  £450.00
Colchester Mascot 1600 D1-8 Camlock Drive Plate.    £50.00
Colchester Triumph 2000 21" Diameter Face Plate for Gap Bed Lathe on D1-6 Camlock  £200.00
Colchester Student 1800 or Master 2500 18" Diameter Face Plate for Gap Bed Lathe on D1-4 Camlock  £175.00
Colchester Bantam 2000 18" Diameter Face Plate for Gap Bed Lathe on D1-3 Camlock (no camlock pins)  £130.00
Colchester Mascot Round Head Centre Lathe 16" Diameter Face Plate on L2 Taper 7.5" Dia Thread.  £175.00
Colchester Triumph Round Head Gap Bed Lathe 21" Diameter Face Plate on L1 Taper 6" Dia Thread.  £175.00
Colchester Student or Master Round Head Gap Bed Lathe 18" Diameter Face Plate on L0 Taper 4.5" Dia Thread.  £130.00
Colchester Student or Master Round Head Lathe 12.5" Diameter face Plate on L0 Taper 4.5" Dia Thread.   £80.00
Leadscrew Imperial for Harrison M400 x 60" Betwen Centers Lathe in Very Good Condition  £250.00

Vertical Machining Centres, Milling Machines and Drills

SALE FROM SITE - Hurco VMX60/40T Vertical Machining Centre, 24 Station Tool Change, BT40 Spindle. Year 2007.  Max Speed 10,000 RPM.  Touch Screen Multimax Control.  Travels X 1524mm Y 660mm Z 610mm. Harbor Water Cooler , Manuals. Can be viewed under power. Please contact us for photos or to arrange viewing can be seen running/demo on site in Cambridgeshire.

Ajax CNC Turret Mill with Anilam 1100 3 Axis CNC Control. £5950.00
Semco LC-20VSG Variable Speed Turret Mill, 40 Int Spindle, 3 Axis Digital Readout, Power Rise & Fall. Nice Machine. £5500.00
Bridgeport BR2J2 Variable Speed Turret Mill with 2 Axis Digital Readout. £3950.00
KRV 3000 Turret Milling Machine, 40 International Spindle, 48" x 12" Table, Digital Readout. Being serviced £3950.00
Europa 3000VS Turret Milling Machine, Variable Speed, R8 Taper Spindle, Power Feed to Table, Newall Digital readout £3750.00
Adcock & Shipley Small Vertical Milling Machine with Lever Hand Operated Table, 240 volt Single Phase. Nice Little Machine.  £600.00
Ajax  8" Horizontal Milling Machine with Lever Hand Operated Table, 240 volt Single Phase.  £250.00
Ajax No.1 Horizontal Milling Machine. £1950.00
Selection of 40 & 50 International Tooling P.O.A.
Selection of Milling machine Vices P.O.A.
Jones & Shipman Model S8411-007 Small Dividing Head with 4" 3 Jaw Chuck and Tailstock in Excellent Condition. £500.00
Pollard Pillar Drill with 3 Morse Taper Spindle, Hand Feed & Rise & Fall Table. £1950.00
Meddings Pacera Pillar Drill 1/2" Capacity Drill Chuck £250.00
Fobco 5/8" Capacity 2 Morse Taper Bench Drill, 1/2HP 3 Phase with Drill Chuck & Guard. £250.00

Sheetmetal Machines

Sorry No Sheetmetal at the moment


Grinding Machines

Victoria Milford 250mm  Twin Wheel Heavy Duty Pedestal Toolroom Grinder. £300.00
Kobe 6" Twin Wheel Grinder on Stand, 240V Single Phase in Very Nice Condition. £75.00
Jones & Shipman Universal 3 Point Grinder Steady NEW.  Suit J&S 1302 or J&S 1307 Grinders £400.00

Presses, Saws & Miscellaneous Machines & Equipment

Denbigh No.6 Fly Press with Handle & Ball on Denbigh Stand. VGC. £650.00
Axminster AWEFSBB Vertical Bandsaw 240V Single Phase. £350.00
Elu Vertical Saw with Tilting Table £250.00
Elecktra Bekum Pulldown Aliminium Saw  £200.00
Plymovent FUA1300 Fan with KUA, 2M Ball Bearing
Jointed Extraction Arm for Welding Fumes, Dust and Oil Mist. VGC.
Jade Unimatic WRR Weld Relief Routing Machine for uPVC Air Operated Unused £300.00
Boxford Small Shaper 3 phase.  T.B.A.
Oxford 140 Amp Welder Choice of 2 price each £150.00
Jones & Shipman Bench Centres £100.00
Jones & Shipman Bench Centres Type 2200-221 £200.00
Jones & Shipman Bench Centres Longer Set £250.00
Jones & Shipman Bench Centres On Stand £450.00
New Heidenhain LS603C Linear Encoder Scale ML 620mm Digital Readout Scale for Lathe or Mill.  Old stock boxes have been open. Untested. £200.00
Victoria Extractor. £150.00
Large Abwood Vice 12" Long vice Jaws, Overall Length 28" VGC. £350.00
Abwood Swivel Base Vice with 4" Wide Jaws. £120.00
Selection of Milling Vices P.O.A.
Box 36" x 15" x 15" £150.00
Box 20" x 15" x 12" £100.00
Selection of Angle Plates P.O.A.
 Photographs available by request  

New Colchester & Harrison Lathe Spares - Other Spares Available - Please Call

Mascot or Mastiff saddle casting part no. 41566-4 for gap bed lathe £1000.00
Mascot or Mastiff feed shaft part no. 42869-1 for 40" lathe £200.00
Mascot or Mastiff leadscrew metric part no. 42815-2 for 1 Metre (40") lathe £450.00
Mastiff 1400 sintered outer clutch plate, price each. £73.00
Mastiff 1400 Headstock Shaft E, Part No. 48253-0 £475.00
Mascot or Mastiff Topslide Imperial Screw & Nut Part Nos. 41759-2 and 41684-1 £300.00
Mascot or Mastiff Imperial Screw for Topslide Part No. 41759-2 £200.00
Triumph 2000 Topslide Nut Imperial Part No. 55285-0 £75.00
Triumph 2000 outer clutch plate part no. 51447-0 £72.00
Triumph 2000 Headstock Shaft G Part no. 50918-0 £360.00
Triumph 2000 Oilers for Tailstock or Compound 1/4" Diameter. Price each £5.00
Triumph VS2500, Master VS3250 & Alpha 400 Early Version Spline Type NOT Key Type, Part no. 410140-0 Drawing No. D699-0784 Drive, Imput Pully Shaft C £345.00
Triumph VS2500 Headstock Shaft Part No. 410158-0, Drawing No. D699-0783 Shaft B £225.00
Triumph VS2500 Bed Wiper Set, Saddle and Tailstock. P.O.A.
Student 1800 & Master 2500 Shaft E Headstock Gear Part No. 75744-0 & 71244-0 £256.00
Student 1800 & Master 2500 Saddle Keep for Dual Dial Type Part No. 87295-0 £200.00
Harrison M550 Tail Stock Screw 7& Nut Metric £500.00
Harrison M390 Bed Wiper Set, Saddle and Tailstock. £120.00

Used Colchester and Harrison Lathe Spares - More Used Spares Available - Please Call

Student 1800 of Master 2500 Imperial Topslide Screw & Nut, Good Condition.                            £170.00
Triumph 2000 Saddle Casting £250.00
Triumph 2000 saddle feedbox casting only £200.00
Triumph 2000 Main Bed Casting for 30" Between Centres Straight Bed Lathe. £150.00
Mascot 1600 Drive Plate D1-8 Camlock £50.00
Harrison M400 Headstock Centre Bush & Centre £60.00
Harrison M400 60" Leadscrew Imperial/English in Very Good Condition. £250.00
Harrison M300 feed/drive shaft keyed part no. 306.005 for 1000mm bed lathe £100.00
Harrison M300 gearbox threads & feeds complete for under headstock vgc £750.00

Other new & used spares for Colchester Lathes available please call 01733 233199

Pumps & Motors

New Vogel lube pump typ 3 dm7 20 bar £150.00
Our Stock is Always Changing Please Contact Us We May Have What You Are Looking For